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5 Must-Have Salad Ingredients for a Healthy and Delicious Meal

No more sad salads!

No more wilted lettuce and a sad tomato staring up at you - these new salads are full of LIFE!

Building a satisfying salad can be an easy way to eat healthier meals more consistently because they require less prep than more complicated recipes.

Key Tips:

  • they need to be BIG enough to satisfy you

  • they need to be multi-textured to keep your interest

  • they need to be quickly prepped so you will repeat them

Salads pack tons of veggies, hot or cold, but also provide the perfect landscape for protein to shine.

Here's how to build a salad you love:

  1. All about that base: choose high-volume, non-starchy veggies here to build a solid foundation.  I use about 1-2 cups of greens or shredded cabbage to be the base.  Alone, they may seem boring, but it will end up catching all the other flavors as you scrape the bowl!

  2. Add another, but make it different: I love to add leftover roasted veggies from dinner to add texture, but you can also add other raw veggies you have to use up.  Asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower are great partners for the greens.

  3. Protein Power: THIS is why you will be satisfied.  Sure, the fiber in the veggies helps fill you up, but the protein will keep you fuller longer.  I use leftover proteins (like the shrimp in this salad) but also love a quick serving of cottage cheese on top.

  4. High-Fiber Carbs: I don't know about you, but I need a crunch! So, air-fried chickpeas are my favorite! But, there's always a carb there for energy to make it through the afternoon or to finish hitting my goal at night.  Beans, quinoa, or even roasted sweet potatoes are a staple.

  5. Healthy Fats: the toppings!! This is where the calories can multiply if you aren't mindful.  Choose one or two to add to the beauty you have created. Cheese, avocado, seeds, nuts, and dressing are all common fats found on salads.

  6. BONUS 1: making your own dressing cuts down the fats and measuring these guys is recommended if you also have a fat-loss goal. Subbing dressing for plain balsamic vinegar or salsa is another option!

  7. BONUS 2: add enhancers! Pickled onions, fresh herbs, seasonings, can all elevate your salad experience!

a beautiful salad with fun protein and toppings


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