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It's about empowering women to take control of their health and happiness.



"After having my daughter in July 2021, I needed a lifestyle change to get back to feeling like myself.  Fast forward to March 2022, a friend introduced Tracy and the rest is history! In the last year and a half, I've gotten back to pre-pregnancy weight and I feel better then ever.  I've transformed my eating habits and become a runner - something I never imagined! I can't wait to continue this health journey!" 


"Tracy has provided me with invaluable support and guidance with regard to nutrition, exercise, and overall planning for good habits.  My coaching sessions with Tracy have been extremely purposeful and useful and I am able to implement her tips immediately. I love working with her!" 


"I have worked with Tracy on and off {almost} 10 years.  She has been there to help me rebuild myself through a cancer diagnosis, the death of my father and other stressful seasons of life.  She helped me see the value in taking time for myself, in creating routines and habits that make me feel good.  Even when she isn't currently coaching me, I can hear her voice cheering on my wins and gently pushing me to get back to my routine.  Tracy is a great cheerleader, knowledgable coach, super mom, and amazing friend. I am so thankful I found her all those years ago, I am so proud of the habits and routinesI have formed with her help." 


"Working with Tracy had such a positive impact on my life and health journey.  Her knowledge pertaining to nutrition and wellness combined with her positive outlook and encouraging kindness is unmatched. She taught me how to make small changes that would gradually lead to large ones in my life and she was right! I am grateful for all she has done for me and I always looked forward to our meetings.  If you're looking to take steps towards improving your health with a supportive accountability partner...don't hesitate and contact Tracy today." 



"There are some people who enter your life and change your whole direction - Tracy is definitely one of those people.  I joined Tracy's team a little over a year ago and haven't looked back.  Not only is she an incredible coach and mentor, but she is an amazing friend.  She truly cares about each of her challengers and makes sure to get to know them on a personal level.  She has opened my eyes to a whole new world that has helped me in becoming my best self. She has guided me through some of life's hardest hurdles and has been there to celebrate all of my successes.  Our health is a treasure and Tracy has been nothing but a gift in helping me realize that we are all made for more."


"The community Tracy has forged in our corner of the Internet is incredible.  It's a positive environment for people, all so different, yet like-minded in a key way; with similar goals and interests in bettering their overall health.  She's lead by example, been patient and reassuring while always able to use her knowledge of fitness and nutrition to urge us onward, toward our individual goals by helping break them down in a way that makes them attainable." 


"Tracy has created a community of women who are truly committed to showing up for themselves and each other.  Her ability to share her journey and insights in a honest way is inspiring.  She is knowledgable, passionate and reflective. She truly walks her talk and empowers others to do the same. If you need a coach to help you break through your blocks, set realistic and meaningful goals, and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself - then you hire Tracy. She is truly a gift and has helped me personally and many others find purpose and meaning in our health and wellness journeys."


"We have this little corner of the Internet filled with positivity, motivation, support, and encouragement.  It's so much more than exercise and clean eating - we share each other's lives and it is truly a magical place." 

Hi! It's me! I'm your new health coach 

My name is Tracy Godek and I am so excited to be your new health coach! A few fast facts about me to get to know each other:

  • Middle School Humanities (English & Social Studies) Teacher for 9 years

  • Master in Elementary Education 

  • Unexpectedly left the classroom on emergency leave when my mom needed to undergo breast cancer treatments and to also take care of my toddler

  • Didn't realize the value of health until my mom's fight and I finally recognized health is a gift - one I had been ignoring

  • Was so frustrated with how I felt and dreaded getting dressed in the morning - had to make a change

  • NOT an athlete in my younger days and lived off bagels and cereal for decades - this would be a tough change

  • Slowly learned to eat healthier and move more while also seeing the need to make time for stress release and personal development

  • Decided to learn more and more and more.....

    • Certified Health Coach 

    • Certified Personal Trainer 

    • Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

  • Married over 15 years

  • Mom of one hilarious & adorable son (he's 10 now!) 

  • Became a runner about 5 years ago and have completed two NYC marathons!

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