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These 3 core habits can help navigate all the days/events/ surprises March may deal us. Anchor your days with these 3 actions can help build - consistency - confidence - flexibility

What is the 3 for 30?

I created an easy habit system that can be repeated daily to create foundation for health. These core habits can start a journey or bring it to the next level. Mastering & modifying them to fit what you need each day helps to make every day a healthy day!

The goal is to begin by repeating these 3 habits for 30 days. Committing to this will help launch a lifestyle change based on action. The three habits are:

- Drink 3 bottles of water (any size)

- Eat 3 servings of veggies (all the same or different, all at once or throughout the day - 1 serving = approx. 1c)

- Move for 30 minutes (all at once or broken up - any activity)

They don’t have to always look the same each day but having them present each day will make sure you’re:

fueling with veggies hydrating moving

You should be your biggest advocate.

Not the obstacle.

Set yourself up with what you NEED,

not what you're trying to avoid.

Prep yourself for having nutritious options,

rather than leaving it to chance.

Load up your cart by food group:

  • high-fiber carbs (1g fiber for every 10g carb)

  • protein (include at each meal)

  • fruit (aim for 2c/day)

  • non-starchy veggies (load up the plate! 1-2C/serving)

  • starchy veggies (these have a higher carb content - 1/2c serving and aim to include earlier in the day if weight loss is a goal)

  • healthy fats (use to elevate meals, satiate, and enjoy! Aim for 25-35% of total calories from fats)

  • low-fat dairy (can be used as part of protein plan or healthy fats depending which one)

Aligning the actions we take today with the goals we have for tomorrow.

The success we want is not in the once-in-awhile stuff. The success WE want is in the every-freaking-day stuff. It comes from the habits we do and how they compound over time through our repetition. They are our habits and we believe that they have a purpose. We don't change our health with one salad and we don't give away all the work we have done by having one ice cream sandwich. It comes down to what we do most of the time and making sure our actions align with what we say we want.

Here are three common goals and ways to do a self-check if our actions are aligned with them.

Take one step today that leads to what you want tomorrow

GOAL: More confidence/self-love

Did you talk to/about yourself today like you believe in yourself?

The words we say today will lead to the actions we take tomorrow. If we speak like we believe, then we act like we believe. If we remind ourselves of our strengths, then we take actions that support them. If we speak as if what we want is already true, then we act like it's true too. Your body will not take any action if the mind tells it not to bother.

GOAL: Weight loss/better nutrition

Did your plates reflect your goals today?

Change our plates, change our fates. What we put on the plate (most of the time) should reflect the nutrition we seek. Sure, we can have a treat (this is for life and life is not perfect -- I am not even sure what perfect looks like???) but think about the patterns of our meals, the groceries we buy, the effort we put into our prepping and planning for the week. Those repetitive actions lead to the changes we want.

GOAL: Better health/more strength/more energy

Did you incorporate movement today?

Lifting our bodies can lift our moods and raise our vibes. Sure, we are all busy and feel like we are moving all day with errands and kids, etc. However, purposeful movement looks and feels different than daily activities. If we want to feel different than we do most days, then we need to move different than we do most days. Even dedicating 15 daily minutes (dancing, walking at lunch, yoga, HIIT, etc.) can get the endorphins going and motivate us for more movement tomorrow.

We have the power to change our lives in any way we want! It begins with what we think and is followed by what we do. It is found in our daily routines and can be built by repeating over and over and over. On the good days, the tough days and all the days in between. We need to create the life that we say we want through the work. And even once we reach those goals, we continue to repeat in order to keep them.

Interesting thing about this type of work though, once we begin to do it and see the changes become reality - we WANT to keep them. The habits we put so much time into building eventually become just parts of our days (and we feel the difference if they are ever absent). What seemed like work becomes routine that we can lean on when other parts of our worlds feel turned around.

Good habits are tough to break too. And they all begin with taking action.

Thank you! Happy to prep & plan with you! 

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