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3 for 30 : March Edition

These 3 core habits can help navigate all the days/events/ surprises March may deal us. Anchor your days with these 3 actions can help build - consistency - confidence - flexibility

What is the 3 for 30?

I created an easy habit system that can be repeated daily to create foundation for health. These core habits can start a journey or bring it to the next level. Mastering & modifying them to fit what you need each day helps to make every day a healthy day!

The goal is to begin by repeating these 3 habits for 30 days. Committing to this will help launch a lifestyle change based on action. The three habits are:

- Drink 3 bottles of water (any size)

- Eat 3 servings of veggies (all the same or different, all at once or throughout the day - 1 serving = approx. 1c)

- Move for 30 minutes (all at once or broken up - any activity)

They don’t have to always look the same each day but having them present each day will make sure you’re:

fueling with veggies hydrating moving


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