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Shop for success🍽

You should be your biggest advocate.

Not the obstacle.

Set yourself up with what you NEED,

not what you're trying to avoid.

Prep yourself for having nutritious options,

rather than leaving it to chance.

Load up your cart by food group:

  • high-fiber carbs (1g fiber for every 10g carb)

  • protein (include at each meal)

  • fruit (aim for 2c/day)

  • non-starchy veggies (load up the plate! 1-2C/serving)

  • starchy veggies (these have a higher carb content - 1/2c serving and aim to include earlier in the day if weight loss is a goal)

  • healthy fats (use to elevate meals, satiate, and enjoy! Aim for 25-35% of total calories from fats)

  • low-fat dairy (can be used as part of protein plan or healthy fats depending which one)

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