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The Top 4 Reasons Why Mondays Bring the Most Messages

I hear from the most amount of people on Mondays. I started to study the trend of what they would share and what they were reaching out to me to change, so I could better understand why this was happening. There seemed to be a pattern emerging in their messages to me - though from various backgrounds, locations, age groups and levels of fitness. Mondays have become the New Year's Day of every week and here's my take on why this is happening based on what I hear.

1. Monday is a clear start line.

You can actually start to make a change ANY day, but Monday always seems clear and definitive to people. It sits at the beginning of a new week filled with hope and possibility that the changes she wants to see and feel can begin before the next weekend (Ahh, the weekend, this will lead to reason #2). I will often hear her say that she wants to use the week ahead to set up for success. She wants to schedule time for herself, learn the tools and go into the week with a positive mindset surrounding her actions.

2. The weekends are spiraling.

She is usually in between weekends away, birthday parties, company arriving, or general kids' sports schedule nightmare. Monday is her chance to breathe and think about what she wants for herself. In that pause, she realizes that she is on the go, but not GOING where she wants for her health. She comes up for air from the planning and the doing to reach out for help and can already feel the relief when I tell her she CAN make changes while doing all the things for all the people.

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3. She is tired of waking up tired.

Monday has a reputation for being Fun Sunday's boring cousin. The routine and predictability starts again with her hearing that alarm and the deep exhale needed to rise up out of bed. She will share that she is tired of feeling like she needs to constantly fuel with caffeine to manage the week. Her food choices are catching up to her energy levels and she is feeling the changes. She will say how she is done waiting for another week of alarms to pass and ready to start taking action instead.

4. Someone shared hope.

This is what did it for me and I have heard it do the same for many other women. She came across something on the weekend - a social media post, a news story, a chat with a friend, an excerpt from a book (....or even a blog post) that inspires her to believe in the possibility that habits CAN change. She heard another "real life" woman share struggles that sounded familiar to her own or explain an approach to health that is working and could do the same for her busy life. She saw a friend who is feeling better and doing more and wants to feel the same way. Something spoke to her and sparked the idea that comfort is not the only option. She is feeling inspired by what she saw/read/heard, but is not quite sure how to make it work. But, she believes, that this Monday will be the one where she begins to change her life.


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