online health coaching 

We do not need a quick answer.

We need a plan. 

A plan that is going to make you feel amazing and get you excited about getting healthier.  
You’re busy, but we’re going to find a way that works to help you reach your goals.


You are always there for everyone else.  Now, I am going to be there for you - and teach you how to show yourself the love you give to all your people. 

You deserve to feel healthy and confident.  
We can do this!

You can reach that health goal, feel more energy, get more exercise. 

You can empower the woman in the mirror - she deserves it. 

I want you to fall in love with taking care of yourself.  I want you to love how you feel.


I want you to see that you have the power to live healthier without feeling more stress. Doing it alone can be tough (especially those days where there’s zero motivation).


This is where I can help you.

I can coach you to reach your goals in a way that fits your life AND teach you how to keep them (bye-bye yo-yo!). I provide 1:1 custom coaching to guide clients to eat healthier, move more & grow a positive mindset about health and their bodies.  Our time together is all about YOU!

My clients’ goals matter, so we will keep working until we crush them.  I meet with you via video conference and we spend an hour focusing on what you need, what you want and how we are going to make it happen. It's like hanging with your closest mom friend or gal pal who is all in to make you feel your best.  You can lay it all out on the table with honesty, questions, reflection and excitement without ever having to worry about judgment or negativity.  I believe power comes from positivity and I will teach you how to find both. 

You receive everything you need to set yourself up for success. Workouts, nutrition tips, schedules, strategies for life’s obstacles, etc. Our coaching sessions are designed around tailoring a program that works best for YOUR life. You will be met by constant support & motivation to make this be the last time you “start over.” 


I help my clients live healthier lives and feel empowered by the choices they make. I offer a variety of services and tools to meet clients where they are and take them where they want to go.


Let's figure out what you need.....

- health and fitness plan? 

- personalized calendar and workouts?

- nutrition tips?

- accountability system?

- positive mindset training?


We will choose tools to help you make big lifestyle changes one day (and one choice) at a time. Then, we will work together to practice putting them into place while also going to work, living life, in between soccer practices, and any or all of the real life hustle that can otherwise get in our ways. Not you, not this time! 

Not sure which path is right for you? 

Contact me - we’ll chat. I am happy to set up a FREE coffee chat consultation to learn more about you and see how I can help. CLICK the button below to learn more. 

Not sure you’re ready to start?

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The Goals Group gets my vote as the happiest corner of the Internet.  It is a complimentary service and space that provides all active clients with: 


  • private online accountability

  • community connection

  • daily engagement 

  • positive vibes 

  • daily reflection & feedback 

  • free content 

  • inspiration

  • video mini-lessons

  • recipe ideas

  • positive mindset practice

  • raffles & contests

  • various health and wellness monthly themes 

You have never seen a place of positive energy and encouragement like this! Plans for each member are aligned with her individual goals and fitness level, but the desire to live a happy and balanced life remains a constant for all. Friendships are built across countries as women realize they no longer need to face the fight for self-love and wellness alone. 

Access to the group can be combined with either individual coaching or the fitness/nutrition products. 


Prepping and planning for success involves tools that fit your lifestyle. Sometimes we have the habits in place, but need to switch things up! Try a new Health Kit of tools to raise the bar and get excited about your routine. 


Choose from a variety of fitness programs & nutrition methods to help reach your health and wellness goals.  

I will use weekly email communication to

  • help you get the programs started

  • follow up on how they are working

  • suggest how to set up your spacecalendar & mindset for lasting success 

Notepad on Desk


The most detailed and personalized approach to establishing healthy habits and lifestyle changes that work for your life. One plan does not serve all, so we take a deep dive into what you need, what your days look like and how we can make them healthier.  Coaching sessions are designed to be 1:1 video conference opportunities for

  • reflection

  • information

  • accountability

  • strategizing obstacles

  • creating plans for nutrition and/or fitness routines

  • tailored to meet your needs and goals in an effort to break the patterns of the past 

We are more successful when we make a plan.


It doesn’t need to be complicated - it just needs to fit our lives. Life throws enough curveballs, so why not control what we can? I will help you learn how to make a plan for your fitness, nutrition and wellness goals so you can feel ready for what the day brings you. 


I was wrong. 

I made a lot of assumptions about what health had to be over the years and made a lot of excuses for why I wouldn’t be able to stay consistent. I didn’t know where to I didn’t. Instead of making a plan, I made more excuses.  


I finally stood in front of the mirror one July afternoon and no longer recognized the woman staring back. My body was yelling for change.  The lack of energy, frequent migraines and excessive weight were signs I hadn't seen until that moment.   I took a leap and picked a plan.


I kept showing up.


I hit bumps and fell away from the plan at times, but I also saw the happier and healthier version of my life that was forming. I kept leaning more on my plan and changing it to fit my life and the season we were navigating. I learned that progress leads to more planning and THAT keeps bringing success.  

Figuring out a plan and sticking to it seems to be the hardest parts. What if we did it together?


The more I learned, the more my eyes opened to how I could join women to help them on their journeys.  I am the hand extended ready to high-five, hug and lead them to healthier lives.

They deserve that. YOU deserve that. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated. And there isn’t one answer. 
I help busy women find ways to make time for their health.
I teach them the habits and give them the tools to succeed and feel better.  
I am the ear ready to listen and the tiny voice inside that reminds them they deserve to be healthy. 
Sure, we may face obstacles, but we can power through them together. We can choose to see situations as what stops us or what makes us stronger.  


It’s like seeing the lemon as only sour or celebrating the bright color it brings to the world and the sweet taste of lemonade. 

It’s time to plan to feel better. 


"Self-love is making time for yourself in your own life.” 

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There are some people who enter your life and change your whole direction -- Tracy is definitely one of those people... I joined Tracy's team a little over a year ago and haven't looked back.  Not only is she an incredible coach and mentor, but she is an amazing friend.  She truly cares about each of her challengers and makes sure to get to know them on a personal level.  She has opened my eyes to a whole new world that has helped me in becoming my best self.  She has guided me through some of life's hardest hurdles and has been there to celebrate all of my successes. ... Our health is a treasure and Tracy has been nothing but a gift in helping me realize that we are all made for more. 


The community Tracy has forged in our corner of the internet is incredible.  It's a positive environment for people, all so different, yet like-minded in a key way; with similar goals and interests in bettering their overall health. She's lead by example, been patient and reassuring while always able to use her knowledge of fitness and nutrition to urge us onward, toward our individual goals by helping break them down in a way that makes them attainable.


Tracy has created a community of women who are truly committed to showing up for themselves and each other.  Her ability to share her journey and insights in a honest way is inspiring.  She is knowledgable, passionate and reflective.  She truly walks her talk and empowers others to do the same.  If you need a coach to help you break through your blocks, set realistic and meaningful goals, and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself - then hire Tracy.  She is truly a gift and has helped me personally and many others find purpose and meaning in our health and wellness journeys. 


We have this little corner of the Internet filled with positivity, motivation, support, and encouragement.  It's so much more than exercise and clean eating - we share each other's lives and it is truly a magical place. 

WOOT! Here we go!