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You can give to others and still give (better health) to yourself


You are always there for everyone else.  

Now, I am going to teach you how to show

yourself the same love. 


Tired of feeling tired? 

Tired of having to scrap meals together on the go

because you cooked for everyone but yourself? 


Tired of feeling like you've hit a wall during that

afternoon class you teach?


Do you feel like you want to change things up, 

but it's overwhelming to figure out how

(on top of everything else you need to do)?


Or have you been making changes and feel like you're not getting anywhere?

Is getting dressed in the morning getting more frustrating? 

You deserve to feel healthy and confident.  

And we are going to make that happen. 

"Nobody gets it though" 

Being a teacher is a very rewarding, yet stressful career.  It comes with unique schedules and demands that can make following health plans more difficult.  It can feel like nobody understands what you go through each day.

But I do. 

Motherhood is also rewarding, yet demanding.  Caring for children while also trying to work, manage adulthood, and possibly find five minutes of silence feels impossible some days. It can feel like the influencers on social media create wild health plans that could never fit between all the sports schedules and sick days. Nobody understands what's like...

But I do. 

I get it. 

I taught middle school for 9 years and my health habits suffered for it. I was drowning in a pool of exhaustion, carbs, and coffee. I was forced to take an emergency leave when my son was one to help him because my mother was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Motherhood (and adulthood) felt wildly overwhelming and my coping was through popcorn and wine.

Until the dust settled and I realized I had been taking care of everyone but me.

My mother was fighting for her health and I wasn't even thinking about mine.

I started to take control.

Then I made it my mission to help other teachers and moms do the same. 

Set up a FREE coffee chat intro to get started.

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personalized health coaching for busy women



Real change takes time.  We work together for a minimum of three months to lay a foundation and create your new lifestyle.  You decide how frequently we meet (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly) based on the level of support and accountability you feel is best: 

Health Coaching Sessions (60 min. each)

(work on building a plan that accounts for essential health habits including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, self-care, hydration, etc.)

[based on a 3-month cycle - can adjust at the end of each cycle]

Monthly - 3 sessions - $150

Every 2 weeks - 6 sessions - $300

Weekly - $600

Additional Resources (optional to add after we meet for coaching sessions & have discussed current activity level, goals, challenges, etc.)

Customized Personal Training Exercise Plan 

30-Day Plan - $50

60-Day Plan - $100

90-Day Plan - $150


It's tempting to buy the quick-fix promise or keep jumping around from diet to diet because the results aren't happening fast enough.


But we can't rush what we want to keep for life.


Rushing changes seems fine during  the first week, until you get overwhelmed the next week and then quit out of frustration because "nothing is happening." This leads to negative self-talk, feelings of defeat, and then talking yourself out of trying again. 


That's exhausting. 


We pick one area of health to begin and slowly roll out small actions that will develop a healthier balanced lifestyle throughout our work together. The changes will be small, so that you can focus on mastering them before we add another. We don't need to rush something we want to last forever.  Each small action builds on the next one. 


I take all the notes and put them into a custom guide that you receive after our call outlining exactly what you need to feel empowered and in control between sessions. Every custom guide is personalized and directed by YOU! Your experiences, lifestyle, interests, challenges, etc. drive our solutions. Each plan is different based on what you need for your goals, but some have included: 

  • workout programs

  • exercise schedules 

  • running plans (0 to 5K build) 

  • nutrition tips

  • grocery lists

  • reflection/journaling tools

  • healthy recipe inspiration 

  • meal prep calendars

  • tracking sheets for lifting weights

  • food logs

Notepad on Desk


I work with women to create plans to reprogram habits in order to reach goals.  We build personalized plans together that fit your interests, schedule, and lifestyle. We work together for at least three months to pump up the habits that are working well and evolve the ones that you want to change.  We roll out changes over weeks and months to make the transformation less overwhelming and more sustainable. We look at all the habits of wellness including: 

  • exercise

  • nutrition 

  • sleep habits

  • stress management

  • hydration

  • self-care

We meet for 60 minutes per session (via Zoom - every two weeks or monthly) for at least 3 months to:

  • create an action plan

  • set up strategies for breaking plateaus, interrupting habit patterns, build momentum, etc. 

  • self-assess current actions, wins, changes

  • build a system of accountability to bridge between sessions

I was wrong. 

I was all or nothing on health.

I had no idea balance was an option.

I felt guilty for spending time and energy on me instead of my students or child.

I made a lot of assumptions about what health had to be.

I also made a lot of excuses for why I wouldn’t be able to stay consistent. 

I finally stood in front of the mirror one July afternoon and no longer recognized the woman staring back. My body was yelling for change. 

The lack of energy,

frequent migraines and

extra weight were signs I hadn't seen until that moment.  

I decided I needed the same attention I gave everyone else. 

I picked a workout and nutrition plan and went all in. 

Life was dramatically different within weeks.

7 years we are. 

It wasn't linear or perfect.

I needed to let go of being the teacher and become the student. 

I hit bumps and fell away from the plan at times,

but I also saw the happier and healthier version of my life that was forming with every deciison to make myself a priority. 

I kept leaning more on my plan and changing it to fit my life and the season we were navigating.


I learned that progress leads to more planning and THAT keeps bringing success.  

Image by Jess Bailey

"Self-love is making time for yourself in your own life.” 

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WOOT! Here we go!

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